Intertrade Ireland is specifically targeting food businesses in offering its Brexit supports.

……can you afford to lose out post Brexit? If you are unsure where to start, InterTradeIreland have €2250 support available to help you do get prepared.

Have you looked at potential tariffs for each of your products ?

Will you need to complete custom declarations documents if importing/exporting to/from the UK and north of Ireland ?

Do you need assistance to prepare an impact assessment on your business ?

When have you last reviewed your contracts ?

Have you fully mapped out your supply chain, end-to-end ? This is a biggie!

InterTradeIrelands Start to Plan voucher covers the cost of a bespoke Brexit plan or training to cover the areas of Customs, Supply Chain, Legal, Tax issues. Complete our online application form and get started today

Eligibility includes :

  • SMEs less than 250 employees,
  • turnover less than €50million,
  • have a satisfactory track record in home market
  • applicants should have a Brexit issue – there is a list of issues on the application fro to help you specify what’s worrying you.

My advice? Apply today, you’ve nothing to lose, and you’ve everything to gain from getting help.

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