Food Business Consultancy

Food Business DevelopmentExport ReadinessTechnical Advice - Labelling, Nutrition & Health ClaimsMentoring Strategy DevelopmentFeasibility Studies

Food Business Development

We can help your business with:

  • New Product Development – Concept Development and Idea Generation
  • Food Safety Management – HACCP and Food Hygiene
  • Food premises layout and design
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Compliance with Labelling Legislation
  • Packaging Technology development
  • Shelf life determination
  • Business Planning 
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Routes to Market
  • Funding supports

We can also facilitate links to specialist laboratory and analytical services for microbiological analysis, nutritional analysis and sensory analysis as well as pilot plant facilities.

Technical Advice

Oonagh is the Technical Consultant to the Irish Bread Bakers Association (Ibec) and has made many media appearances in this capacity. 

One to One Mentoring

We provide mentoring to food & drink producers who wish to start up or expand their businesses. We listen to what the producer, helping them to identify and articulate their needs, we work with the client to agree their objectives, work out a comprehensive action plan, and we facilitat the food producer in the execution of the steps to build their business.  

We also provide mentoring and feedback to producers who are preparing to pitch to Investors and VC  panels (Enterprise Ireland clients).


Export Readiness

The impact of Brexit means that many producers are now considering exporting their foods and drinks to markets. For other producers, exporting is essential if they are to grow and compete in a crowded local market.  

When looking at export markets, food producers may need to develop new packaging in order to extend shelf life. New products which are more suitable for the export markets may also be needed. We work with producers in identifying potential new markets across Europe, the Middle East, the USA and other countries. We help you identify routes to those markets and link in with local supports.  

The impact of Brexit means that many producers are now considering exporting their foods and drinks to markets.

Strategy Development

The team at Alpha Omega Consultants works with local agencies to develop Strategic Plans for the food & drink sector. Development of the Strategy Plan includes an audit of the food and drink sector in the region; identifying opportunities and challenges; identification of the necessary actions, resources and supports required; Identifying skills gaps and training needs in each sector; Sectoral gap analysis; Recommendations for actionable opportunities for growth; Identifying key global, European and national trends; Defining the USP; Identifying priority markets and optimum routes to market; Potential for Food Tourism; Identifying supports and gaps in service provision; Identifying the resources required to deliver goals. 

In 2020, the new Mayo Food & Drink Strategy 2020-2025 was published (it can be downloaded here).

Feasibility Studies

We have undertaken a number of Feasibility Studies including the Premier Lakelands Food Hub in Lanesboro, Co.Longford and another examining the potential for the sheep meat & lamb sector in Wicklow (both in partnership with Riverwest Management).   

We also undertake Business Feasibility Studies for producers looking at new products and diversification into new activities.

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